Dr. Andras Volom, DMD,
graduated from the Semmelweis Medical University (Budapest, Hungary) in 1984.

From the beginning  of his career, esthetic filling materials have been in the forefront of his attention.
He designed several SEM (scanning electron microscopic) studies on the abrasion charateristics of filling materials.

After the fall of the communist era in Hungary, he was the first full-time private
practitioner in his country.

He is active in the education and training of dentists and dental hygienists in courses, lectures and hands-on trainigs. 

Dr.Volom is member of the Hungarian Chamber of Dentists board member of the Hungarian Society of Peridontology ,founding member of the Hungarian Academy for Eshtetic Dentistry and member of the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr.Volom is experienced in preparing and delivering multimedia presentations, which he frequently uses in his international educational work. He lectured in several countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Roumania, Slovenia)
The frist lecture of this year was held in February. The venue - Schladming -is one of the most pleasant ski-paradise in Austria.

The Austrian Chamber of Dentists organized a congress.
They invited Dr. Volom to give a lecture on modern mandibular joint therapies.

The membership certificate of the AACD. The implantology plays an important role in our life. Dr. Volom studied implantology at the Branemark Clinic (Gothenburg, Sweden),where the modern titanium implants were invented about 40 years ago.Today it is known as
Nobel Biocare Center

After a long time of practice
Dr. Volom began to share his knowledge with the dental professionals.

His educational work became very popular as the lectures and hands-on trainings are not only scientifically up-to-date, but are practice oriented.

The participants can easily implement the new knowledge in their daily work.
An unforgottable congress in Mexico with some of the most known aesthetic dentistry lecturers around the world.

The mexican dentists are very enthusiastic and serious about their profession.

Dr. Volom was really impressed of their attention and willingness to learn.

The lectures bring friendships.
From left:

Dr. Andras Volom, Dr. George Freedman, former president of AACD , one of the most known aethetic dentist of the world and
Dr. David Rudo, inventor of the Ribbond Reinforcement Fibers .
Dr. Rudo is a unique person in dentistry. If he lived in the mediavel ages he would have been a polihistor...
The hands-on trainigs are the most important part of the dental education.

The science and the manual practice together give the best result.

The dentists often come from foreign countries to attend the courses and trainings.

Many migrain sufferers bless the name of Dr. Jim Boyd. His NTI-tss brings reliefe to migraineurs without medication.( check here the FDA approval of the NTI-tss)

Dr. Volom lectures about the NTI-tss in Europe.

Dr.Boyd helps Dr. Volom's work with his valuable advices.

Dr. Peter Burtcher is a scientist in chemistry. He invented several filling materials like the Artemis wich made possible to create really life-like direct tooth restorations.

Dr. Burtscher and Dr. Volom meet almost every year on international congresses as lecturers.
At an event in Frankfurt.
From left:
Dr Andras Volom, Dr. Wolfgang Richter president of the ESED (European Society of Esthetic Dentistry) and Dr. T.C. Phua a known aesthetic dentist and expert on modern halitosis( bad breathe) controll from Hong Kong.
An event in Balatonfüred,Hungary.
An event in Balatonfüred,Hungary.
He was often asked to take part in dental implantology hands-on trainings....
....and lectures.



Dr. Volom Aesthetic and General Dental Surgery
1011 Budapest, Fő utca 37/c