How to treat broken incisors?

How is it possible? With the especially tough filling materials existing today we can even correct teeth that are half broken. Of course, accuracy can be reached only with the unique materials designed for this purpose with their wide range of colors, their transparency and light-reflecting ability. Artemis™ is a material like this.

Is it durable? If the patient does not press or grind teeth during the night the restoration can be used for many years (even for 10 years).

Case study: Harsh broken edge on the upper right front tooth  

Harsh broken edge on the upper right front tooth Go back to the top

The border of the swimming pool disedged our patient’s front tooth. The ordinary treatment would be to put a crown on the tooth. It is much tolerant and natural to use the “direct shell technique”, the way we corrected the tooth.

The front tooth is strongly damaged.
To keep natural look, restorations have built up from more colors. The shape of the tooth was made from a glasslike material, the rear inner side was made from a strong a material that does not allow the darkness of the mouth to come through.
The finalized restoration is very lively and very tolerant for the tooth.

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