Tooth whitening


In our clinic we use the excellent product called Vivastyle system from Ivoclar-Vivadent company, Liechtenstein. This material is for common whitening. In the continuation we will not discuss this – nowadays common – method, but will show the individual tooth whitening and a unique quick bleaching method.
Case study: Discolored front teeth restoration Discolored front teeth and deformation correction (very complex task...)

The Beyond Whitening Accelerator is the last development in dental industry.

In only 3x10 minutes you can have 8-11 shades whiter teeth.

Before the start we make a color matching. We apply a protectiv light cured dam on the gum


We place the whitener on the teeth The unique accelerator lamp ( NO infra and NO UV) enhences the bleeching effect..
The teeth are much more whiter. The whole process with the 3x10 minute lighting takes approx. 70 minutes.

Discolored front teeth restoration Back to the top

The strongly discolored front teeth are staring out from their environment.
After tooth whitening but during the build-up we use special color effects. Snow-white and lavender-blue areas can be seen.
The completed direct shells. During this process we cover the whitened teeth with a filling material coating.

Discolored front teeth and deformation correction Back to the top
The upper left side incisor is discolored. Both teeth have turned a bit around their longitudinal axis.
We built up the right side tooth with the direct shell technique. The different color layers are visible, which will together give a natural look.
The discolored teeth were whitened and with a glassfibre material it was strengthened to avoid damages in the future.
The shape, alignment and color of teeth are in harmony with the smile.

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