Moving teeth

Why is it necessary? Gum disease is unfortunately very widespread. One of its most visible forms is when the lower incisors start to be loosened. If we don’t do anything against it, the teeth will be lost. Beside the appropriate mouth hygiene, the strengthening of the teeth can help a lot in a longer term. It can extend their duration with years.

How is it done? We apply a very strong ribbon(called Ribbond™ ) impregnated with liquid filling material on the tongue side of the teeth. This ribbon is so strong that can not let teeth to move.

Case study: Bridge on the lower front teeth also enabled to substitute the extracted tooth.  

Bridge on the lower front teeth and substitution of another with bracing fibre Go back to top

The lower incisors are strongly saburraled and the front left incisor is very loose.

Starting point. The front left incisor is almost fall out...
We polish the teeth to be totally clean and extract the loose ones.
We fill in the extracted teeth with filling. You can see the chemical preparation on the pictures.
We place the fibres on the teeth while saving the area from the strong saliva discharge with a rubber sheet.
The extracted teeth can be placed back. The bridge also strengthens the healthy teeth.
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