Good oral hygiene
The good hygiene will create the professional environment for the professional dental treatments!
Why is hygiene important? The inflammation of the gum may cause bleeding. It jeopardizes the success of all kind of dental treatments where clean and dry field is needed.

  The inflamed gum is bleeding. The blood may flow under the filling or crown.
This is the "perfect way" to decay.

How do we improve the oral hygiene of our patients? We clean the teeth with our ultrasonic equipmnet and "sandblast" the teeth with a very mild cleaning powder, water and high pressure air. This method will leave a smooth and extra cleen tooth surface.

  The tooth cleaning is done with sophisticated instruments.

Our Oral Hygiene Program

Our well educated staff is trained in oral hygiene education.

The good hygiene will create the professional environment for a professional dental work!

Poor hygiene at the very first visit.
Note the severe inflammation on the right canine and between the upper central incisors.
Deposites on the lower teeth.


The results of oral hygiene education and cleaning. The gum is healthy, the breathe of the patient is fresh.
On the lower teeth the hygiene is acceptable, but not perfect. However the gum is free of inflammation.

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