How to travel

The travel to Hungary is more than easy.You can select from a wide variety of air carriers:

A trustable high quality airline. If you compare the prices they are very competitive. The service on board is more than excellent....
The price and the frequency of the flights are excellent.
They have really good prices.
The daily carrier with low fair.

The accomodation is good in Budapest. You can select from nice appartements and really good hotels at a very reasonable price.


You can select from many hotels.
We found the TripAdvisor a very reliable source of hotel infos around the world.
We have a special tip: this is the NH Hotel Budapest. It is located near to our office. The staff's work is dedicated to the guests, all the services are excellent. The discount price for this hotel is 78 EUR if booked trough us.
Check them...

Here you find a local hotel search engine.

Online hotel booking

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